We commit to giving back to the society

Food is our business, but our business is also to be respectful towards the society, the environment and the communities where we operate. At Potpan we acknowledge that as a company we should contribute to addressing social and environmental issues and we have been practicing corporate social responsibility programmes for many years. Our commitment is towards three main pillars: the environment, people in need and local communities.


    Protecting the environment where we operate is of paramount importance to us. Not only have we chosen to build our plant at a pollution-free location, away from the nearby industrial complexes, but we are also committed to maintaining it waste-free. We make sure our operation does not burden the air, water and soil in the surrounding area, by operating a state-of-the-art waste treatment facility.
    Furthermore, we have chosen to use the most environmentally friendly packaging, all recyclable. More specifically, we make sure we use the minimum possible packaging to avoid creating extra waste.

    All in all, we guarantee our operation is one of the most environmentally friendly and we are certified with ISO 14001:2004, which assures our company's sustainability.


    It is important for us to give back to the local community where we operate. We, thus, make sure to contribute to the local economy by supporting and opting to work with local farmers and businesses and by employing people from the local areas.

    We also make sure to provide support to sensitive and indigent people in the local communities in close cooperation with the management of the Central Prefecture of Greece, to which we belong.


    Food is a survival necessity to which many people unfortunately do not have access. Potpan is committed to providing help to people in need, especially during these times of financial crisis in Greece. Towards this end we constantly collaborate with different institutions, local parishes and NGOs to offer food supplies and meals to sensitive populations, like children, the elderly, the homeless, indigent citizens and families. It is our greatest reward to support initiatives that relieve people in need and contribute to a better day-to-day life for them.