Quality is the cornerstone of our business

We control and ensure the quality and safety of our products from raw materials to cooking and final packaging. We apply all the required checks and are very meticulous every step of the way to make sure our products live up to the high standards our company is committed to delivering to every single one of our clients. We have the essential quality and food safety certifications and even more satisfied clients, that choose us for our impeccable catering services.

Raw materials

For the best quality results the first thing we need to ensure is the quality of the raw materials we use. Towards this purpose we have created a selective database of approved suppliers and we control the quality of the raw materials both upon delivery (temperature control, proper labelling etc.) and before, performing regular tests and inspections at our suppliers' working spaces, with the help of independent institutions.

Unpacking, preparation and recipes

Unpacking of the raw materials is carefully done outside the preparation areas, so as to avoid any packaging materials, such as paper, wood or metal to contaminate the food. The raw materials are then cleaned, disinfected and weighed according to our secured recipes. They are further forwarded to the kitchen in clean containers.

Production of cooked meals

Our Chef gives special instructions for how our meals will be cooked and the Quality Manager makes sure the production process is controlled for its hygiene and safety adequacy.

Freezing process of cooked meals

The freezing process, at less than 5ºC, begins with placing the cooked meals in clean, cold metallic containers and lasts up to 2 hours. The choice of the right container is very important, so we have standardized the procedure by creating a list that indicates the right container according to recipe, food temperature and the adequacy of the containers.

Portions and packaging

Using sophisticated packaging technology we make sure every portion of our cooked food has the appropriate weight and airtight closure with heat sealing (peelable film) assures 100% protection from any form of external contamination. When needed, we also use special technologies, such as MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to best preserve the freshness of the readymade meals.

Final check and package printing

At the final stage of production, the sealed containers pass through two different metal detectors, where any meal having any trace of metallic object is automatically rejected. Then all the required product information and necessary data in case of product revoking, like ingredients, expiry date, tracking elements etc., are printed on each package.


We have developed a special cleaning system, which all of our personnel is trained to follow on a daily basis, in order to ensure that our facilities and materials reach the appropriate hygiene standards. The detergents and disinfectants we apply are highly effective, yet safe to use, and meet all the required specifications. Moreover, we properly ventilate all the areas in our facilities, keeping the air clean with special filters. 

Certifications & Controls

Potpan operates in compliance with all the required standards when it comes to food safety.

  • We are certified for the design, production and delivery of readymade meals under the ISO 22000:2005 by TUV Hellas, Greece.
  • With the help of an external body of control, the Food Allergens Laboratory, we check the quality and suitability of our raw materials by performing special microbiological and physico-chemical tests.
  • We internally control the production processes in accordance with the HACCP system (ISO 22000:2005).
  • We acknowledge Critical Control Points (CCPs) in our production and delivery space, which lead to the clear distinction of the preparation, production and storage spaces.
  • We are approved by national bodies according to European and national legislation and are allowed to produce meals that contain processed meat.
  • We ensure the frost chain applies to all areas by maintaining a temperature of 12 – 16ºC.
  • We apply a non-glass policy to all areas of our facilities as well as to raw materials (non-glass containers).
  • We use two metal detectors to find and reject any meal that may contain any form of metal or foreign object.


Potpan has expertise knowledge in packaging quality standards and we use a wide range of packaging varying in capacity and materials, from paper-tray to c-pet with thermally bound surfaces. When it comes to MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) in particular we are the most experienced company in Greece, counting more than 10 years of know-how.